Meet Magento Florida

MMFL Tickets (Refundable)

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50% Off * Prices increase after September 30th, 2023

QuantityDiscountPer Ticket Price
1-2 0% $250.00
3-4 10% $225.00
5+ 15% $212.50
Don’t Wait Till the Last Moment, if Your Plan Change Tickets Are Fully Refundable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there free tickets available?
Yes, a merchant can earn free tickets if they do five 15-min meetings with our sponsors.
What if I want to cancel my tickets later?
Tickets are fully refundable thru December 31st, 2023. You just have to make a cancellation and refund request at with your order details.
How do I schedule those 15-min meetings?
You can go to any of our sponsors and ask them if they have meeting redemptions/validations available? If they do, you can have a 15 min meeting at their booth or anywhere at the conference. Sponsor will scan you badge and in the app, give you a meeting validation. We will issue refunds at the end of the conference.
Why attend?
This is going to be a great community event at an awesome venue and perfect time of the year. The conference is supported by Adobe and Magento Association itself and large players in e-commerce such as PayPal. This will be a 2 day conference with a lot of learning and loads of fun!...Read More Why Attend MM24FL?