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Are you a Tech Vendor or Agency that has achieved remarkable success through Magento? Do you have a customer success story that demonstrates how your product or services have driven the success of a merchant’s business? We invite you to share your inspiring case study and make a lasting impact on the Magento community.
We Are Particularly Interested in the Following Areas
AI-Driven Enhancements

AI-Driven Enhancements

Did you implement AI features like chatbots or recommendation engines to improve customer experience?


Were any processes, like order fulfillment or customer service, automated to enhance efficiency?
Back-Office Optimization

Back-Office Optimization

How did the implementation of Magento improve internal operations, from inventory management to employee workflows?


Did you utilize AR, VR, or other virtualization technologies to enhance the online shopping experience?
Delivery/Tracking Solutions

Delivery/Tracking Solutions

Were any logistics or supply chain challenges solved through Magento's capabilities or integrations?

Why Should You Share Your Success Story?

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Meet Magneto Flordia’s Customer Success Story Showcase will focus on recognizing outstanding achievements and innovative strategies. By participating, you’ll gain the following benefits:

Increased Visibility

Your success story will reach a vast audience of potential clients and industry professionals, boosting your brand's exposure.

Expert Recognition

Earn well-deserved recognition within the Magento community for your contributions to your client's success.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded individuals, potential partners, and industry leaders, expanding your professional network.

Exclusive Perks for Chosen Participants

Free Tickets

Two Free Tickets for the Agency/Tech Vendor & Two Free Tickets for your Merchants.

Merchant T & L Reimbursement of Upto $1,000 USD (X2)

Includes Two Participants per Selected Customer Success Story. We Want to Ensure You Can Attend the Event Without Any Financial Constraints.

Prestigious Speaking Opportunity

Present Your Insights and Success Story in a 30-Minute Speaking Session at Meet Magento Florida, Inspiring Others With Your Expertise.

Featured Content

Your Success Story Will Be Showcased on Our Website, Social Media Channels, and Marketing Materials, Amplifying Your Brand’s Reach.

Crafting Your Submission: Key Guidelines

How to Submit Your Story

What are the Benefits of Participating?

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Tech Vendor Benefits

Credibility and Trust

Customer success stories provide social proof and real-world evidence of the vendor's product or service delivering tangible results. This builds trust among potential customers who may be considering the product.

Brand Advocacy

Satisfied customers who share their success stories become brand advocates, promoting the vendor's offerings within their networks, attracting more leads and potential clients.

Product Validation

Success stories validate the vendor's product and its effectiveness in solving specific problems, which can lead to increased sales and revenue.

Market Differentiation

Customer success stories highlight the unique features and benefits of the vendor's product or service, setting it apart from competitors and positioning it as the go-to solution.

Content Marketing

Success stories serve as valuable content assets for the vendor's marketing efforts, boosting SEO, engagement, and lead generation.

Agency Benefits

Showcasing Expertise

A compelling customer success story demonstrates the agency's capabilities and expertise in effectively implementing and managing the vendor's product or service.

Business Growth

Success stories attract potential clients and showcase the agency's ability to drive positive outcomes, leading to increased business opportunities.

Stronger Client Relationships

Sharing a client's success story reinforces the agency's commitment to delivering value and strengthens its relationship with the client.


Success stories distinguish the agency from competitors, proving their ability to deliver results and create a unique selling proposition.

Thought Leadership

Through successful implementations, the agency can position itself as a thought leader in the industry, gaining recognition and respect.

Merchant Brand Benefits

Positive Reputation

A customer success story showcases the merchant's success with the product or service, enhancing their reputation among peers and customers.

Competitive Edge

By sharing a compelling success story, the merchant gains a competitive advantage by demonstrating how they have utilized the product or service to outperform their competitors.

Attracting Customers

Success stories can attract new customers who resonate with the challenges and successes shared by the merchant.

Increased Brand Loyalty

Recognizing the merchant's achievements through a success story fosters a sense of loyalty and satisfaction, potentially leading to repeat business.

Networking Opportunities

Success stories can lead to increased exposure and networking opportunities within the industry, potentially opening doors for partnerships and collaborations.

Mark Your Calendars

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Submission Deadline


Announcement of Selected Participants


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to showcase your success, share your expertise, and inspire the Magento community. Whether you’re an agency that has driven your client’s business to new heights or a brand that has made a significant impact with your product, we want to hear your story!
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