Meet Magento Florida



When and Where is Meet Magento Florida?
January 31 - February 1, 2024 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood Florida.
Who am I likely to meet at MM24FL?
Meet Magento Conference 2024 will be an excellent platform for you to establish contacts, build profitable networks and create long-lasting professional and business relationships with hundreds of leading enterprises, merchants, developers, and agencies in the USA region and from other parts of the world.
How can you help?
We appreciate your help with promoting the participation of MM24FL. We will share Meet Magento event assets so you may help with marketing for this community event. Assets will include logos and banners, and social cards. Please ensure your entire team is registered. Please do not attempt to swap registration tags between team members.


How do I make the most of a sponsorship opportunity?
We put lots of work into outreach within our community. Active engagement is advised in advance of, during and post the event. Some tips are using social media, sharing with others because you will attend, and encouraging participation. We are happy to transfer assets to help.
What is included in booth spaces?
Booth spaces and what is included are indicated at the sponsorship level. Please keep that in mind as you determine your booth setup. Booth selection will occur based on the sign-up date and we hope to hear from you soon.
Do we offer exclusivity within a vertical?
We do our best to offer access to all at a community event. Feel free to discuss with us and we will do our best to accommodate requests.
I have my own booth and do not want turnkey booth?
At showcase level the booth will be.
Do you have an exhibitor kit?
Yes, you can download a exhibitor kit
Can I get customizations to my turnkey booth?
Yes, you can contact ExpoCCI (details are in exhibitor kit) for any custom needs (print, A/V, furniture, etc) related to your booth.


Are there free tickets available?
Yes, a merchant can earn free tickets if they do five 15-min meetings with our sponsors.
How do I schedule those 15-min meetings?
You can go to any of our sponsors and ask them if they have meeting redemptions/validations available? If they do, you can have a 15 min meeting at their booth or anywhere at the conference. Sponsor will scan you badge and in the app, give you a meeting validation. We will issue refunds at the end of the conference.
Why attend?
This is going to be a great community event at an awesome venue and perfect time of the year. The conference is supported by Adobe and Magento Association itself and large players in e-commerce such as PayPal. This will be a 2 day conference with a lot of learning and loads of fun!


Who can speak on stage at MM24FL?
Speaking opportunities are indicated at the sponsor level; however, please submit a talk as soon as possible. Pertinent issues in the industry and non-promotional content have a greater chance of being accepted. Non-promotional content for talks included in packages is mandatory to ensure the quality of content across all stages. Talks included within sponsorship packages are based on availability. Once the exhibit hall reaches capacity, limited options will be available.
What are presentation requirements?
Presentations are required in English. They must not be intended to promote/advertise your product/service/business, rather it should be insightful and provide useful information to the attendees.
Until when do you accept applications?
All applicants are requested to fill in Speaker application form. They are accepted until 11/30/23.

Accommodation and Transportation

Do you have special prices for accommodation?
#MM24FL registrants have access to discounted rates of $339 per night (plus taxes and fees) available from Jan 30 - Feb 3, 2024.
What is the deadline for bookings at discounted price?
There is no specific deadline, but the amount of rooms at the hotel is limited and they are getting booked fast, so the sooner you make your reservation, the more chances that the discounted rate rooms will be available to you.
Can I cancel my booking afterwards?
A deposit equal to the first night's room and tax will be charged to your credit card at the time of reservation. A daily resort fee of $40.00 will be charged to your room at check in, and it is not included in today’s deposit. This deposit will be refunded in full if reservation is cancelled by 3:00pm on the day before arrival. If you should need to cancel your reservation, please call 800.937.0010 before 3:00pm the day before your intended arrival in order to obtain a deposit refund.
Do you provide transportation?
There is no organized transportation from the airport to the hotels. But you can easily access the venue by using any of the available options such as numerous taxis, limousines, and shuttles, that run the short distance between The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.