Speakers 2024 Uri Strauss

Uri Strauss

Co Founder & CEO at Webeyez

Uri Strauss is the CEO of Webeyez, an advanced analytics and monitoring platform that helps eCommerce brands identify, prioritize, and resolve customer experience issues to recover lost revenue. With a background in leading complex digital companies, Uri previously served as the CEO and co-founder of Yaabam Technologies, specializing in eCommerce site development for all platforms. He also held the position of CEO at easyMarkets, a trading platform with a mission to democratize the trading of various assets, from cryptocurrency to global indices and metals.

The lack of clear information available to help leaders make critical business decisions across different organizations led Uri to found Webeyez in 2018. Today, Webeyez is an essential part of the eCommerce tech stack for a wide range of brands, from luxury apparel to online travel.