Muladi Jeo

Muliadi Jeo

Co-Founder of ICUBE

Muliadi is the founder of ICUBE, one of the leading e-commerce agencies and Adobe Solution Partners in the Asia Pacific. Muliadi has been focusing on the eCommerce area especially in retail omnichannel and retail innovation for the last 20 years. His past e-commerce projects include some of the well-known international brands such as TOMS Shoes, RelaxTheBack, Rayban, Behr, Oprah Store, Footlocker, and local leading retail brands such as Kawan Lama Group, The Body Shop, MAP Group, Erafone, Hush Puppies, Wacoal and more.

In June 2020, the merger of SIRCLO and ICUBE took place, where Muliadi until today took on the role of SIRCLO’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Enterprise Solutions.

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